NEXT UP Hockey was created in 2017 by Andrew Bates. Andrew decided to step out on his own and start NEXT UP Hockey with the goal to truly make a difference in young athletes' lives. In March 2018, Next up launched their first Spring Development Camp that was held at Palm Beach IceWorks in West Palm Beach, Florida. By the end of the Spring Camp we had over 50 player’s go through the program. The success followed in the Summer 2018 with over 10 clinics/camps sold out. We have had over 250 player’s come through our camps/clinics --each program sold out--and growing.


NEXT UP Hockey's mission is to maximize each athlete's on-ice skill set by providing new innovative drills, teaching methods, off ice training and nutrition counseling, while focusing on building mental strength, passion, and knowledge to create well rounded hockey player's who will excel at the next level.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.
— St. Jerome


  • Skating

  • Forward Edge Control

  • Backward Edge Control

  • Stride Development System

  • Crossover Series (aka Acceleration series)

  • Transition Series (turns and take offs)

  • Stickhandling

  • Rolling your wrists

  • Hands outside your body

  • Forward/Backhand Control

  • Toe Control

  • Evasive Moves